The Blue Monday Project

In January 2014, Younion, the New Mentality Group at Algoma Family Services, hosted a special event for ‘Blue Monday.’ Here is their recap:

Blue Monday falls on the third Monday in January and is said to be the most depressing day due to a variety of factors including the short days, January weather, debt from the holidays and amount of time until the next break from school or work. Our group wanted to emphasize the importance of maintaining positive mental health on the most depressing day of the year.

We incorporated an awareness campaign and a fundraising aspect to get the word out about what mental health is, why it is important, how we can maintain our positive mental health and how we can break down the stigma associated with mental illness. Our group gave presentations in our schools, had all the students wearing blue and put on blue bake sales to attract people to our information tables. It was a fantastic event!

For more information about Younion, check out their group profile here, and their website here.