Disable the Label 2014 Video!

We’re so excited to share a video of Disable the Label 2014, put together by the incredible Spoke N Heard team! This video captures some of the beautiful moments we shared at our largest DTL ever, this past July at YMCA Geneva Park.

For photos and more information about the event, check out our Disable the Label page.

Community Poem

If you have ever wanted to be understood, listen.
The economy of the mind is invested in remaining normal.
What room then, does that leave us to be real?
Our spirits are being strained in the process of getting free
Free from the shackles from our mind.
Mental health is both stressful and liberating,
The balance of which is hard to find.
We convolute life with our “all-complicated” mind
Inside I am a man with heavy eyes,
Torn and divided by a system meant to provide,
Turned away from services we need,
Not provided care due to pride and greed,
It is mind-boggling why we don’t learn this in school,
When we act like mental health is not an issue, we walk around a blind fool,
Humanity exists in an inhumane prism,
It’s not an individual problem, it’s a global decision.
We are like a spring, individual loops, but collective movement,
We are functional, we are resilient, we are fun-loving,
But we are not synchronized, we need to unify and a place to call home.
Up ahead there are speed-bumps on the road,
If we take our time we’ll get through unscathed,
If we go too fast the devastating consequences will last.
We are powerful and vulnerable, diverse and one whole,
We are allies who need allies, if we come together our impact will be bold,
We are gold, and brilliantly free,
Illness evolves to wellness when “I” becomes “we”.
And we are powerful, youth are not just the resource,
We are the source of change.
We are not afraid to use our voice and address the powers that be,
But we still need you to be our ally in advocacy.
If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk,
If you can’t walk, then crawl,
Whatever you do, life will always wait for you.
Laugh through the tears and smile to fight back depression
At the end of the day, life will fit in place
And will mean so much more than the scars in you.
This is the darkness I’ve been through; this is the light I’ve come to.
Storms don’t last forever and the sun can’t shine every day.
The leap from where we are to where we want to be is frightening,
But in spite of what we might become, we will close my eyes and leap! Connecting hearts and minds, I’ve come to find
My scars are no longer wounds…
Interpret me beauty.

Created by Youth and Adult Allies from the New Mentality
Facilitated & Written by Spoke N’ Heard
At Disable the Label 2014