Job Posting: Engagement Coordinator

Start Date: ASAP – February
Full-time, one year Contract
Position based in Toronto with occasional travel within Ontario
Compensation: $35,000 annual salary
PDF Version: TNM Engagement Coordinator Posting


The New Mentality (TNM) seeks an energetic Engagement Coordinator to join our core team. The Engagement Coordinator will support TNM’s Social Innovation project, focusing on our scaling activities. This will include developing new pathways to engagement, communications, and event planning. This person will have a natural understanding of flexibility, timing and going with where the energy is, while at the same time able to hold a long-term strategy and vision


Working closely with the TNM core team, focused primarily on TNM’s current Social Innovation Project, the Engagement Coordinator will be supervised by the Program Manager. The TNM work environment is highly collaborative, and while this role will have distinct areas of responsibility, most major project decisions are made within a team. The Coordinator will have two main areas of work:
Network Communications and Engagement

  • Support TNM’s efforts to further promote Youth Engagement in different communities and in governmental and non-governmental spheres
  • Represent TNM at events and consultations
  • Establish, build and maintain relationships with diverse range of stakeholders
  • Promote TNM activities on website and social media
  • Design program materials, including training materials, reports, and resources
  • Coordinate digital media, including live tweeting, facebook posts, and photography
  • Ongoing stakeholder and community engagement – help shape TNM Vision

Fellowship Program

As part of our engagement strategy, TNM has begun to develop the concept around a Fellowship program. A significant part of the coordinator’s job will be to work with the team to help shape the vision for this project, to develop a comprehensive workplan, oversee the details of the project, and link the learnings of the Fellowship back to our Social Innovation project. The tasks involved will include:

  • Work with TNM core team on program conceptualization and design
  • Develop promotional materials to publicize Fellowship
  • Design application process, assess applications and work with team to select Fellows
  • Plan and Coordinate all Fellowship related activities, including orientation, retreats, and ongoing communications and engagement
  • Share ongoing learning with the core team, write reports to share learning with the funder, and other communications to share with the wider network


The ideal candidate loves working with people and in groups, and thrives on building connections and strengthening relationships. They love listening and learning from others, and are also comfortable and excited to share their own ideas. Because this role is within Children’s Mental Health Ontario’s New Mentality Program, the ideal candidate is excited to learn more about and contribute to strengthening mental health services for youth across Ontario. Perhaps they will know first-hand how to recover from a mental health problem like depression and that makes them passionate about this cause. Perhaps they are a visible minority or a person living with a disability and it is from this perspective that they have a passion for empowering youth to make a positive difference in their communities.

Desired Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

  • Heart-centred strategic and systems thinker; interested in working with complexity
  • Fast learner, very creative, and flexible
  • Ability to synthesize information and communicate messages in a creative and engaging manner
  • Understand how to and enjoy crafting targeted communications materials to appeal to diverse audiences and stakeholders
  • Comfort and experience working in a very collaborative team, as well as confidence to take initiative and work independently
  • Ability to connect with people quickly – an excellent listener
  • Comfortable talking to media and large groups of people
  • Group facilitation experience
  • Writing & organizational skills
  • Social media enthusiast and expert, skilled at making creative use of different channels
  • Knowledge of graphic design and Adobe creative suite
  • Basic web development skills and knowledge of WordPress platform


Apply be sending the following documents to Caralyn Quan, New Mentality Program Manager,

Purpose Statement in your preferred format
Note: While this could take the form of a cover letter, creative communications are an important element of this role, thus we encourage creativity and would welcome a creatively written purpose statement, or other artwork, digital media, videos, etc. Just make sure you express why you want to work with The New Mentality and why you’re a great fit for this job!

Non-fiction writing sample (a report you’ve written for professional purposes, an academic essay, a reflection piece, etc.)


TNM Engagement Coordinator Posting PDF

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Feel free to express yourself through song, poems, creative writing pieces, reflection papers, videos, photography, or art!
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