Disable the Label 2015 Poem

“Good morning beautiful specimen,
How are you today?
Thank you for coming.
I came to see that smile on your face.
I remember a time with overwhelmed anxiety
They’d say, “Just Breath.” “Here’s some drugs.” “Drink this Tea.”
I didn’t want any of those things,
“You, dictating how I should handle me?!”
Pointing at my faults, fears, and flaws,
I wanted that finger to point me to an escape.
An exit sign.
I was locked away in my mind.
Isolated like a deer crouching in a circle of towering tigers.
They were a different breed.
They’d only torment me.
They couldn’t see the visions I see.
Self conscious, protective of my dreams.
In the conflict and chaos
like a roaring fire
The pressure turned the rock I was.
Now I’m, “Shining bright like a diamond.”
I survived.
I survived.
I survived.
I survived.
I stand in front of you in this brave safe space,
Happy to share my story.
Making a difference,
Part of today’s history.
Though you are my mirror, I can see right through you.
Transparency. Authenticity.
I can feel even when I can’t see you.
You are my ally, my teacher, my student, my friend.
My family on this journey,
we’re not even close to the end.
You have opened my eyes to a clear blue sky.
and a blank canvas.
Together we multiply our joy,
Divide our sorrow.
All of a sudden I’m so full,
I forget the feeling of being hollow.
The nourishment we have harvested has given me strength.
To my bones and vocal cords,
I realize everyones been touched with taint.
I’m not alone,
I’ve got company.
I’m just one advocate,
In this inspiring community.
We are manifesting ideas
Empowering each other.
Bringing together energies
From unique sisters and brothers.
This energy embraces my vulnerability.
I stand proud and brave
I believe in the power of my voice,
and also my silences’ waves.
Our diversity is infinite.
and so is our capabilities.
Challenging the stigma,
Being the change we want to see.
Our minds so open
Responding to the needs of the world.
Honest leadership in society’s whirl.
Thank you for your belief and support.
Thank you for sharing with me your hurt.
Thank you for a better today.
Thank you for the laughs, hugs and play.
Thank you for your compassion and presence in this space.
Thank you for fully accepting me with grace.
Thank you for hearing me dream out loud.
Thank you for encouraging me to be proud.
Thank you for accepting my thoughts even if they waiver.
I have yet to meet a sweeter lifesaver.”
Radha Pithadia, member of Spoke N Heard
Founder of True Therapy