Disable the Label Demands – 2017 Video Release

We are youth from across Ontario that are advocating on behalf of our ourselves, our loved ones, our peers, our future generations for a mental health system in Ontario that meets our needs, that delivers us effective and compassionate treatment, where and when we need it.

We are calling on our government to step up and be our champion for children and youth mental health. Because there are cracks in our system and we are falling through them. 

Join us in our movement to make a children and youth mental health system in Ontario that allows all young people to find the services and support they need WHEN they need it. We are beyond words, and broken promises we need an investment in children and youth mental health now.

To support the #kidscantwait campaign visit http://kidsmentalhealthcantwait.ca/

To learn more about our Disable the label 2017 demands click here

Thank you Marc Taylor for producing this video!