Applications Open for Disable the Label 2019 Hosting Team

March 19, 2019

We are currently recruiting for the 2019 Disable the Label Team!

About Disable the Label and the Hosting Team

Disable the Label (DTL) is The New Mentality’s annual 4-day summer leadership retreat where we bring together our network to gather to learn and enhance our youth engagement skills, share our local projects, and build meaningful connections. At Disable the Label, we grow our capacity to be mental health advocates and use our voices to make a positive change in the child and youth mental health system in Ontario.

The DTL Hosting Team is made up of a group of passionate individuals from different backgrounds and experiences who come together to plan and deliver Disable the Label. It is a fun and rewarding experience but takes a lot of hard work and stamina to plan and execute the event. If you are looking for a new experience and ready to give back to your community this is a great opportunity. We are currently looking to fill 5 positions on the hosting team! These positions are volunteer, and all positions come with an honorarium reflecting the time commitment, level on intensity, skills needed to complete the tasks, and the individual needs of the volunteer.

Disable the Label 2019 will run from July 16-19 at YMCA Geneva Park. Members of the hosting team are required to attending a one-day planning and prep meeting on July 15.

To learn more about Disable the Label Click Here

About the Roles

Facilitation Host (1 position available)
Our Facilitation Host will work with a co-host and members of the DTL 2019 Hosting Team including TNM staff to plan and deliver Disable the Label 2019. They will take on a leadership role in the designing, delivering, and facilitation of the event. We are looking for someone with experience facilitating a multi-day retreat in a lead role. For a full job description click here.

Facilitation Apprentice
(1 position available)
The Facilitation Apprentice will take on a learning role in the designing and facilitation of the event. The Facilitation Apprentice will work with the facilitation hosts to develop the program agenda and will co-facilitate activities at Disable the Label 2019. This is a learning role, we are looking for someone who is looking to develop their facilitation skills.
                                                                                For a full job description click here.

Head Crew Leader (2 positions available)
Our Head Crew Leaders will help the TNM staff coordinate the Bandana Crews on-site, specifically supporting the Crew Leaders. The Head Crew Leaders will take on a leadership role ensuring that the Facilitation Team is incorporating the Bandana Crews into the event design and activities and will support crew leaders on-site.

Bandana Crews are small groups that are formed within DTL, made up of 8-10 participants, including a mix of youth and adult allies and one or two designated Crew Leaders. The purpose of the Crews is to further build a sense of connection and support among participants. Within these smaller groups, the Crews create space for everyone to check-in and debrief each day and build relationships with a group of people they may not have otherwise connected with.
For a full job description click here.

Hosting Team Apprentice
(1 position available
The Hosting Team Apprentice will take on a learning role working with many different members of the hosting team to learn what it takes to put on a 4-day leadership retreat. At the end of DTL2019, the apprentice will have learned the different aspects of hosting an event and will have a better understanding of which role(s) they are interested in. This is a learning role, we are looking for someone who is looking to develop skills and support their fellow teammates. For a full job description click here.

Application Tips!

  • We encourage you to aim to answer each question in about a paragraph. Although your answers don’t need to be very long, this is your chance to tell us about yourself and why you think you are a good candidate for the DTL2019 Hosting Team.
  • Review the questions before you enter the online application. To view a PDF of the application, click here.
  • When answering each question don’t just list your answer, it’s generally better to explain one scenario, skill or experience in detail rather than providing a long list of things you’ve done without an explanation. For example, if a question is asking you about your skills, we’d prefer to hear in detail about 1-3 rather then 10 with no explanation.
  • Don’t try to fit a box of what you think we’re looking for, just be yourself! The DTL hosting team is made of people from different backgrounds, skills, and life experience, so it’s important on your application to be true to yourself.
  • Volunteering on the hosting team is a big commitment, be sure to read the job description carefully so you understand the skills, experience, and time commitment needed for each role.

To Apply for the Facilitation Host Click Here

To Apply for the Facilitation Apprentice Click Here

To Apply for the Head Crew Leader Click Here

To Apply for the DTL Hosting Team Apprentice Click Here

APPLICATIONS due April 1, 2019, AT NOON

If completing the written application is a barrier to you applying in any way let us know! You can email Mary-Anne Leahy at and we’ll make other arrangements for you to apply.

If you have a question about the application, please feel free to contact us at