Welcome Fizza!

September 24, 2019

Hi everyone! I’ve never welcomed myself before so this will be fun….

My name is Fizza Abbas, and I’m so excited to be taking on the role of the Network Coordinator with The New Mentality. Being apart of the New Mentality as a youth facilitator in the Peel region for a couple of years has allowed me the opportunity to really grow and learn from so many like-minded individuals who are passionate about amplifying youth voice within the system.

A little bit about me, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and then further pursued my post-graduate in Addictions and Mental Health. Prior to the Network Coordinator position, I was a Recreation Specialist at a psychosocial rehabilitation program and created fun and engaging wellness-based programming, as well as provided supportive counselling for individuals experiencing mental health challenges, and social isolation.

Having been a youth facilitator with The New Mentality Peel, one of my highlights was getting the opportunity to collaborate with Tim Horton’s and Cineplex to create a video that was played across 90 Tim Horton locations in the Peel region for Children’s Mental Health Week. Another highlight was the opportunity to be a crew leader twice at Disable the Label and getting to meet many of YOU!

My goals going forward with the network include firstly, getting to know all of you, as well seeing and best supporting the amazing work you all do within your communities, and New Mentality groups. I’m also really looking forward to coming up with new ways on how we can bring and promote culture and diversity within the network.

I’d love to hear from all of you on how I can best support you and your group, any ideas you may have on how The New Mentality can grow, or even just to chat. I’m extremely grateful to be apart of this incredible network in a different capacity this time and getting to work with all of you!

I can be reached at fizza@thenewmentality.ca and 416-921-2109 ext. 135

Interesting things about me

  • I flew an airplane on my birthday once and it was exhilarating, however my mom who I took with me did not feel the same way!
  • Last year, on 24-hour notice, I flew to Malaysia which took 30 hours, to attend my cousin’s wedding who I hadn’t seen in 20 years. I like to think of myself as responsibly spontaneous.
  • I also met Prince Harry once when I was working public relations at an event in Toronto, and by met, I mean he waved at me and said hello, which is kind of the same thing right?
  • I would have say, the highlight of my 25 years on earth would still have to be when the Jonas Brothers got back together, and going to their concert by myself…..because none of my friends could make it.