October 10, 2019

Written by Nasim
Day 1 of DTL 

you are the universe & more encapsulated in skin
the world at your feet
the skies & trees bow down in your presence 
the history of your birthplace and ancestry 
running along your spine, pumping blood through your veins
the future waiting for a grand entrance
hold the world & pinpoint all the pain you’ve been ingesting
let it know where it’s been hurting
breathe truth into your heart & remind it of loving
remind it that you are made of love
remind yourself that you are capable of extending
every part of you that feels inclined
love is patiently waiting 
always existing
waiting for you to catch a glimpse of the greatness that is you 
waiting but ready
like the sun letting go of itself constantly 
to get while you’re giving
to spread light to the moon even when you’re still questioning 
what the light is
it’s the love that you have in
side you
take a look at the real you 
all your complexities defining your stance in truth. 
the confusion may be eternal but in every moment also temporary
you are the universe
breathe in the truth 
remind yourself
of the you
that is you.


i am here
i’m worthy
i am powerful
i’m worthy
i’m beautiful   
i’m worthy
i’m intelligent
i’m worthy 
i am worthy
i am worthy 

*the tunnels​ i ​dig will be visionary*