Disable the Label 2020

April 22, 2020

Disable the Label is going digital this year!

Unfortunately, we had to make some tough decisions for Disable the Label 2020, we have decided to not move forward with an in-person DTL at Geneva Park. However, when Cathy Dyer, the founder of The New Mentality moved on in 2014 she said, no matter what happens DTL must always happen, it is the heart of The New Mentality and where we connect, learn and nourish ourselves as mental health advocates.With that being said we will be hosting a digital DTL exclusive to the New Mentality network, and will launch during Children’s Mental Health Week! 

We are quickly working with our hosting team to develop a fun, engaging, thought-provoking and very special Disable the Label 2020 Program. 

Disable the Label 2020 will be an 8-week leadership course that will support youth to develop both personally and professionally as mental health advocates. Using Zoom, we will host 3-4 sessions per week, each session will last between an hour and an hour in a half, launching during Children’s Mental Health Week in May (1st week) concluding on June 26. Youth who attend 70% of sessions will receive a leadership certificate from Children’s Mental Health Ontario. 

Disable the Label 2020 is all about staying connected as a network and building resiliency during uncertain times. Together, we will have a weekly touch point to connect with each other and share how we are really doing. We will learn skills that will help us in our advocacy work, in our personal lives, and transferable skills that we can apply to professional lives. Session topics will include learning about healthy relationships, creating and maintain healthy boundaries, and conflict resolution. We will host training sessions on how to share your story, how to use social media to advocate as well as building your own personal professional brand. We will host interactive World Cafe’s where youth and adult allies can share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on what is happening in their local communities related to mental health. And of course, we’ll host our first-ever virtual Talent Not Required Show and Group Shares! 

See you all on Zoom!

To register talk to your adult ally for the registration link. If you are an alumni from our network and would like to be apart of DTL 2020 or if anyone has any questions please email Fizza Abbas, Network Coordinator of The New Mentality at fizza@thenewmentality.ca