April 30, 2020

Erin (she/her) has been working with New Mentality for 3 years, beginning as a general member and has been able to gain more opportunities to advocate for mental health awareness in a leadership role from there. She is a member of the Provincial Youth Advisory Committee which plans and advises on the construction of Youth Hubs around the province. This is her third DTL but her first as a member of the Hosting Team and she is very excited (and nervous) ! She is 17 years old and is about to start her senior year of high school. She is especially passionate about the accessibility of mental health services for intersectional and racialized youth, as well as the stigmatization of mental health in ethnic communities. She likes painting, going to museums, playing guitar, and song writing so if you like those too go talk to her about them! 

Diya Mohan (she/her) is a leader, and youth focused on mental health advocacy within her Scarborough community, and throughout Ontario.  She is starting her Grade 12 this upcoming September, and has been involved with TNM since her freshman year, amassing way too many volunteer hours, and developing a passion for youth outreach and reducing community and cultural stigma against mental health. After years of being a general member, she has been given the opportunity to be one of the leaders in her new mentality group, as well as an active member of the Provincial Youth Advisory Council. She is invested in marginalized communities and their relationship within the mental health system, specifically the LGBTQ+ community, and racialized communities. This is her third year at DTL, and after being a bandana crew leader last year, she is simultaneously terrified and really thankful for the chance to be a part of the Hosting team this year. At the risk of sounding vain, she is really nice and pretty approachable, so feel free to talk to her if you ever get the chance! When she isn’t sleeping, eating, or working, she loves poetry, music production, song writing, and David Dobrik.

Austin is excited to be apart of the 2020 DTL hosting team. Austin has been a member of the hosting over the last few years and is very grateful for the DTL experience every year. He is Child and Youth Worker in Ottawa who is currently the live-in foster mentor of a semi-independent transition home. Austin currently lives with two youth who are preparing to transition to independent living at the age of 18. Austin also has frontline CYC experience in a residential and group care. Having some extra time on his hands Austin decided to go back to school for fun. He wanted to learn some practical life skills and decided to take a one year plumbing course. In his free time Austin enjoys running Spartan Races, playing softball, spending time with his niece and nephews, and his dog Jack.

Hi folks! My name is Rachel, and I’m excited to be part of DTL for the first time. I can’t wait to meet you all! I’m a recent graduate from the Community Development and Environmental Studies program at Acadia, and I’ve spent my time there focusing on social justice, facilitation, and accessibility. I’ve been heavily involved in mental health work for a while now, and I have done a bit of everything, including peer support, programming, research, and advocacy. Since graduating, I’ve had enjoyed taking part-time courses, working odd jobs, and learning to take care of myself. I have a billion different hobbies, but you’ll most likely find me reading, hiking, biking, or doing yoga, photography, activism. Oh, and also, I’m a massive nerd/ geek. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you all there!

Dana has been involved in youth mental health advocacy for the past 5 years where she has worked with various groups in Toronto, including Skylark and The New Mentality. Dana is currently attending Western University and Brescia University College to study psychology in hopes of finding a career in the mental health field. In her current community at school, Dana is a peer supporter as she is passionate about helping others. When she is not taking a nap, Dana enjoys reading, rock climbing, crafts, running, re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the millionth time, playing tennis, and looking at photos of her dog, the love of her life. Please ask Dana all about her dog as she loves talking about him and will show you cute photos! This will be Dana‘s 4th DTL and her second time on the Hosting Team. Dana has few photos of herself and would like everyone to ignore the weird bump in her hair. 

While Shannon had a difficult time coming to terms with DTL not happening at Geneva Park this year, she is incredibly excited and grateful to be joining everyone virtually! She has been active with TNM in different capacities since 2010. Shannon is a Social Worker in private practice and works out of her home in Hamilton. Her and her therapy dog, Charlie, enjoy spending the days chatting with clients on their healing journey’s and going for strolls on the off hours. 

Helllllllloooooo TNM community! My name is Liv and I have the pleasure and honour of being a mentor for the hosting team at this year’s Disable the Label. You may have heard… DTL is looking a little different this year. When we first found out, I thought “oh great, thanks for this pandemic”. Although it might look different, we are hoping to give everyone the same ‘indescribable’ experience as past years. You may be asking yourself, why is this person so stoked on youth engagement? Well, I’m a provincial YAC alum and have been involved with TNM initiatives for a decade now, drawing from elements of my experiences with mental health, ADHD, and substance abuse to focus my advocacy, organizing, and clinical work. I am enthusiastic, creative, and fun (I’ve been told) and truly believe in TNM’s work in recognizing and supporting the power of youth.

Likes: dogs, caffeine, lakes & oceans, friends, reading
Dislikes: writing in 3rd person, seafood, and hypocrisy     

Hey everyone, Fizza here! excited to be a part of DTL in a different capacity this year. I’ve been apart of this incredible network as a youth facilitator for two years prior to transitioning into the Network Coordinator role. I’m passionate about inclusion, equity and community mobilization in the Addictions and Mental Health sector. I once travelled with 2 days notice on a 30-hour journey to Malaysia, flew an airplane when I was 21, and went horseback riding in the mountains where they filmed Jurassic Park in the Dominican Republic!

I like many of you, was really looking forward to meeting you all in person this year. Disable the Label has always held a special place in my heart. However, I know we will still create the same DTL feel on a digital platform. See you all on zoom!  

Hi! I’m Mary-Anne, the Program Manager of The New Mentality! I have been involved in The New Mentality since 2011, starting as a group member then co-chair of the provincial Youth Action Committee. Joining the New Mentality was a life-changing experience for me. I always thought my mental illness would create barriers in my life but The New Mentality allowed me the space to learn, grow, and find out what I am capable of. And I’ve made lifelong friends who truly accept me for who I am. In my free time, I love exploring Toronto where I work and live and travelling to new places.