Week One Opening Art Performance

May 13, 2020

Defences (My Reflection)
Written and performed by: Devonna “Devynne” Munroe

The sun it falls
My voice comes out so weak
When I try to speak

Did I mention
I’m always hiding
Look over
my shoulder
‘cause I don’t want you to see
my mistakes 

Holding on to past shame
Protect my pride
De-friend myself
your wrath
I’d rather …(large exhale) 

And still
I do my
My spirit gets
And right
I just need to
I need some

Written and performed by: lighthaüs


I need still, calm, peace
let apprehension melt away


these words that are spoken
are for seed.
on the day when
the voice of your mind roars so loud
it deafens your heart.
seek it, beyond the chaos,
as you dive deeply within.

what will you find at your core?

A seed taken root,
roots growing deep.
from the base of your spine,
down into the earth.

the deeper they grow,
the more grounded
and secure you feel
snuggled in the womb of Mother

the warm golden light
that gifts life to all creation, rises up
up through your roots
bringing life to your germinating seed

a seed must crack open in order to sprout, x2
the shell serves a purpose,
in encasing and protecting the seed,
until that purpose has been served
and is no longer needed.
then the shell must break, x2
the walls must break
the mask must break…

release everything holding you,
holding you back
from walking truly in all your being.
release, release
let your seed sprout,
let your seed sprout
reaching higher towards the light

a leaf in your core
a leaf at your womb
a leaf for your strength
a leaf for your heart
a leaf for your voice
a leaf at your eye
a flower blooms upon your crown, x3

open, open, open
and from your opening find peace,
and from your piece find a smile
a smile from deep within,
that erupts,
that erupts upwards into your face
a smile that appears on your lips
a smile that all is well
and from that smile let joy enter your entire being
from that joy in your heart
you might want to bounce shoulders
you might want to flow your arms back
you might want to shake your feet a little bit
you might want to wiggle your toes
you might want to whine your waist a little bit
you might want to just get up off your seat… 
get up off your seat and dance!