Wind Song (Say the Word)

May 15, 2020

Written and performed by: lighthaüs & Devynne for Disable the Label 2020 


Chant (x2)
Say the word
Say the word
Just say the word

Sweet child of mine
Crafted to perfection
Apple of my eye

Open your heart
Release the burdens of the past (x2)
Release the shame, the guilt, the trauma
There is nothing
Absolutely nothing that you could ever do
That could make me stop unconditionally loving you
I will sew your heart back together with chords of light
I promise you
Everything’s gonna be alright
Can you feel me as part of you?

You were never forgotten beloved
But I respect you
I respect your need to process your feelings
I respect your need to process all that you’ve been through
Give yourself permission to LET IT GO
Allow the winds of change to transform you
Allow yourself to grow
Give yourself permission to heal
You’ve beaten yourself up long enough

It is time to realize the fullness of your potential
To grab the reins of your life
YOU are in charge
weave all of your traumas, your learnings, your triumphs, your gifts and your mistakes
into a beautiful silk
you are enough beloved
you always were

Sit up. Stand tall.
Accept all you’ve ever been
discard what no long serves you
and when you need me
All you need to do
is say the word beloved
say the word beloved
just say the word

Say the word
Say the word
Just say the word


Like fresh dew upon your mourning,
I will dawn on you
And blanket you in my love,
‘Til every tear has been lovingly cleared and your sight is one:
So you can see yourself,
As I see you.

Then darling,
You will lay with me, and be still.
That your heart may open,
And your mind may heal.

Together, we will strip you bare
Of all the unneeded layers you hide behind,
So the sun may kiss your skin
And warm your depths.

Ahhh my child,
There is so much I desire for you,
Ahhh my child,
You are my greatest delight,
Ahhh my child,
You are the song my heart sings,
Ahhh my beloved,
I Am always here,
Just say the word

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