S T I L L | Written and performed by Lighthaüs & Devynne

May 25, 2020

Please enjoy a 20 minute guided meditation “STILL” |  Written and performed by Lighthaüs & Devynne. Originally performed during Week 3 of Disable the Label 2020  



still my soul,
be still my soul
still my soul
still in safety

still my soul,
be still my soul
still my soul,
cocooned within
the womb of safety

pass, pass
pass through the night
into the rising light

be still my soul
be still like a seed in the earth
still my soul
before you expand you must be reborn, x2

boundaries, know your boundaries
boundaries, feel your boundaries
boundaries, respect your boundaries
with memories, that serve your becoming
memories, that serve your being
memories, treasure the memories that bring you joy
that help you remember who you are

and be still, 
be still my soul


Welcome to the darkness
Step inside
Don’t be afraid
Fullbrace (embrace) every corner of you
Without hesitation
Fullbrace (embrace) your voice
It’s time my child
Be still
Listen and feel
Be still
And heal

What does your heart say?
Let it lead the way
Entertain that which serves your highest good
For the highest good of all
You were brought here with great purpose
Now, it’s up to you to live it
You have the power to bring your dreams to life
Call in all that you desire

Gwan (go on) child
Forward into the unknown
Tune in to the wisdom of your heart
The vibration of your soul and the voice within
They will guide you to freedom my child
But you will have to leave some things behind
Put aside what no longer serves you
Anything toxic to your sprit must be discarded

I know your trod hasn’t been easy
But you are being called to live a new way
Some will not overstand
But you cannot be concerned with that
You have intergenerational curses to burn
And valuable lessons to learn

Forward my child
Forward into the unknown
All that you need is within
The secrets live in your skin
Ask for help
And pour into yourself

Take back your power my child
You are worthy my child
You are worthy my child
You are worthy.