Meet the 2020 Youth Action Committee!

September 24, 2020

Hodan Mohamud, Co-Chair
23, Mississauga

Hodan (she/her) is passionate about mental health advocacy, youth engagement, and health equity. She envisions a mental health system where youth across Ontario have equitable access to mental health services that meet their diverse needs. Hodan hopes to use her position on the committee to help elevate the voices of youth across Ontario.
Lewis Han, Co-Chair
21, Ottawa
Hi, my name is Lewis.  I’m 21 years old from Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a 2nd year medical student at the University of Ottawa medical school with a passion for advocating for health equity and mental health awareness. My experiences with mental health from a low-income background has shaped my advocacy initiatives. I believe youth need to have a say in policy decisions to create meaningful changes within the Child and Youth mental health system of Ontario. I am privileged to work with the YAC to share my experiences and work towards amplifying the voices of youth across Ontario. 
Nourin Ali
24, Timmins 
My name is Nourin, I have lived in Timmins, ON during the past year. I have a BA in Political Science and Economics from Memorial University of Newfoundland. One of the issues that matters to me most is equity and inclusion. It’s centric to both my career and advocacy. My hope is to weave cultural sensitivity into the provincial mental health delivery standards and to make BIPOC youth voices heard on issues such as social isolation, acculturation, and racism. I also hope to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness that stems from cultural influences. Being part of the YAC gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by like minded youth who are committed to bringing change. It also gives me access to guidance and support from experienced adult allies. 
Eric Hendrick
18, St. Thomas 
Hi my name is Eric!! My pronouns are He/Him/His. I am 17 years old and I have been on youth engagement committees for the past 4 years! I believe in using my outgoing and fearless personality to be a voice for youth across the board, I realized that some youth don’t have the resources or the contacts to voice their concerns and I want to be able to build my personal tool belt to help others build their own! In September I start my first year of the Child and Youth Care program and I have never been more excited. I can’t wait to work closely with youth to start a change. 

Victoria Corbett
22, Sault Ste. Marie  

Heyo! My name is Vic, I am a 22 year old mental health advocate from Sault Ste Marie. I’ve been apart of The New Mentality since I was 15 when I started a youth engagement group in my hometown, and this is my 3rd year on the YAC! I am most passionate about mental health services in Northern Ontario, LGBTQ+ & transitional-aged youth, although overall I am passionate about all youth accessing the services that suit them, when they need them. Outside of the YAC, I am a Child & Youth Worker who is also in school to become a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. When I’m not at work you can find me snuggling with my cat Finnigan, making some tie-dye, or finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset! While this is my final year on the YAC, I’m sure you’ll see my face changing this world long after our cycle wraps up! 

Gregory Doucet 
17, Vaughan

My name is Gregory and I am 17 years old.  I live in Vaughan, Ontario and I am a strong advocate for children and their well-being.  In particular, I focus on those who are often underrepresented in society, such as those with visible or invisible disabilities, and multicultural individuals.  I am a part of the Youth Action Committee as I want to give a voice to those who currently aren’t able to adovate for change. Those who struggle with health related issues, whether they are solely related to mental health, or are intertwined with their physical health, everyone deserves the best support possible. I firmly believe that regardless of the perceived competency of a youth, they deserve to have their opinion heard and accounted for when making decisions that may impact them.

Nneoma Achioso
21, London 

Hi my name is Nneoma Achioso. I’m 21 years old and currently reside in London, Ontario finishing up my undergrad degree at Western University. It has only been a few years since I discovered that I have a strong passion for mental health. I realized mental health is something I want to not only learn more about, but I also want to contribute to breaking down the walls of stigma surrounding it. In recent years, I have also gained some lived experience with witnessing how the various aspects of the mental health system work, and sometimes not always for the best interest of the patient, specifically those from BIPOC community. As a black woman, I can understand how intersecting identities can disproportionately impact access to services and result in differential treatment by healthcare providers.

Being a part of the Youth Action Committee provides me with the opportunity to be a voice for my fellow BIPOC, while tackling the complex issues within our child and youth mental health system. I hope through our policy work we can commence the start to a more equitable and accessible mental health system for all youth.

Victoria Kaulback 
25, Hamilton

Victoria is a 25-year-old mental health advocate from Hamilton, Ontario. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Social Work degree from Lakehead University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Queen’s University, and she plans to pursue a Master of Social Work degree in the near future. Victoria has lived experience navigating the complex mental health system in Ontario. She has experienced several gaps in services and has fallen through the cracks many times. Her experiences have led her to become the passionate activist she is today.

Victoria is currently working as a Youth Trustee, supporting marginalized youth from a range of backgrounds with social assistance and other social services. She sees firsthand how contextual and socioeconomic factors such as poverty, geographical location, and home environment, can affect a young person’s health and mental health.

As Victoria enters her second and final year on the YAC, she is eager to learn more about the unique experiences facing youth across Ontario through youth engagement initiatives. Victoria is passionate about advocating for policy change and creating a more equitable mental health system.

Madison Suh
16, Richmond Hill

Madison is a passionate advocate for mental health advocating with her New Mentality group based in Toronto and on the provincial Youth Action Committee. She has a fierce voice and is a strong advocate for more inclusive mental health services for the 2SLGBTQ+ community.    

We are incredibly lucky to have such bright and enthusiastic leaders from across Ontario. Our 2020 Youth Action Committee is eager and excited to share with you all in the next coming weeks the work we’ve been up to! To learn more about the Youth Action Committee click here

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