Welcome to the New Mentality!

caitlin-leading-persona-tableThe New Mentality is a provincial network of youth and allies working to amplify youth voice to influence change within the mental health system and beyond. Our work is grounded in the belief that youth experiencing mental illness must contribute to building and improving the mental health system in order for it to work effectively.

Our network is comprised of youth-facilitated groups from across Ontario who work with partner children and youth mental health agencies in their communities to raise awareness of mental health issues, eliminate stigma, and improve local mental health services. Each group has dedicated youth and adult allies who work together on projects throughout the year to promote meaningful engagement by empowering young people to concentrate on the work they are most passionate about.

Once a year, each group sends youth representatives accompanied by their adult allies to meet with other groups from the network to share projects, build skills, create systematic recommendations, and make meaningful connections at an event that we call Disable the Label.

Through our provincial Youth Action Committee (YAC), we work to identify major issues facing youth in Ontario who are experiencing mental health difficulties, and engage our network to find out how we can solve these complex issues. Following province-wide youth consultations, the YAC works together to report on its findings and generate youth-led policy recommendations to stakeholders who are responsible for change.

The New Mentality is a program of Children’s Mental Health Ontario.

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