Caralyn Quan, Program Manager

Caralyn is a community worker, an athlete, a facilitator, and a lover of adventures. Hailing from Toronto, she studied and worked in a number of countries before she returned to Toronto pursue her passion for youth work and advocacy. She has experience as a frontline worker and facilitator in community-based youth programs. In her current role as Program Manager with The New Mentality, she works with youth and adult allies across the province to raise youth voice and improve the mental health system. In her free time she loves to read, explore the city on her bike, and travel to new places. 


Mary-Anne Leahy, Network Coordinator

Mary-Anne has been involved in The New Mentality since 2011, starting as a group member to the provincial Youth Action Committee (YAC). While co-chairing the YAC she worked on the Speak Up Speak Out Project, a province-wide youth engagement initiative to look at the education system and opportunities to provide better support for children and youth in elementary and high school. Her current role is Network Coordinator where she supports local New Mentality groups as well as the practice of youth engagement on a provincial scale. She is a youth engagement specialist with a wealth of experience in project management, network development, youth-led policy, event planning, and facilitation. 


Gerard Sagassige, Aboriginal Navigator

Gerard currently works as an Aboriginal Advisor in circles and embraces the seed to inner healing, the child of spirit. He has been actively advocating for well over 30 years for the identified historical migration of despair and the growth of healing within traditional practice process as well as western ways of healing. He currently does regional and community outreach work in the areas of Homestead Education and Health, and also works as TNM’s Aboriginal Navigator. In this role, he works with our network to develop cross cultural awareness and broaden our understanding of wellness and circles of care.


Our small paid staff team collaborates closely with The New Mentality community throughout the year to guide us in our work. Twice a year we convene our Advisory Group, a group of current and former TNM group members, adult allies, community partners, and other elders and advisors. We are also in frequent communication with our TNM groups and adult allies, as well as other youth mental health organizations and community partners.

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