Theory of Change

group-hug-websiteOur Theory of Change is grounded in the belief that youth with mental illness must contribute to creating a better mental health system. In order to bring this theory to practice, all of our activities are focused on amplifying youth voice and creating structures for youth driven change. The following document is intended to show how we believe we create impact. It provides an overview of our activities and the corresponding outputs and outcomes.

Intended Impact

The New Mentality engages and connects youth ages 13-25, who identify as having experience with mental illness. We co-create, support, and facilitate structures for youth-led change and work on a provincial scale to improve the practice of youth engagement. We believe youth can contribute to creating a better mental health system.

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We create radically inclusive spaces, particularly in regard to the inclusion of mental illness, in order to amplify voices that are often unheard or overlooked. Working in partnership with youth, adult allies, and child and youth mental health centres, we amplify youth voice and produce recommendations to Ontario’s mental health system.To continue reading, download the full PDF here.