Disable the Label 2018 Program and Resource Package Released!

6 MORE DAYS UNTIL #DTL2018! At Disable the Label 2018, we will explore what it means to be part of a movement, and to co-create community within that movement that makes us feel stronger, healthier, and unstoppable. The magic and strength of The New Mentality has always been found in the strong bonds and meaningful […]

Mental Health & The Education System

By: Evan Rogers, Youth Mental Health Advocate Over the last year, my passion for mental health in the education system has increased greatly. It is in my opinion that the education system has the greatest opportunity to help youth with their mental health. Although full responsibility should not be placed on the education system, the […]

A New Way of Advocating

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic day and a great start to Mental Health Week! First off, let me introduce myself! My Name is Jaydon and I come from a small town just outside of our nation’s capital. I’ve been a Mental Health Advocate and a member of The New Mentality […]

Youth Action Committee 2017 Project Update

At the start of 2017, Our Joint Youth Action Committee (YAC) with Children’s Mental Health Ontario began work on its third youth-led policy project. The committee, composed of  youth from across Ontario, first met in March in Toronto to discuss their experiences with the mental health system and what they had heard from other youth […]

Growing Still: Operation Podcast

When Skylark’s 2018 group for The New Mentality began, our initial brainstorms on ideas to spread positive mental health messages kept bringing us back to how negative ideas of mental health get spread. Mental health is being accepted more and more as we continue to advocate for it. We discussed how it seems visibility in […]