Disable the Label


Disable the Label, also known as DTL, is our annual summer training retreat for young community leaders and their adult allies in the mental health system

Each year for the past 10 years, The New Mentality has hosted a leadership retreat known as Disable the Label (DTL) for our provincial network. The event brings together over 100 participants, including youth leaders, young organizers, and adult allies from across the province, who gather to learn and enhance their youth engagement skills, share their local projects, and build meaningful connections. At Disable the Label, together we grow our capacity to be mental health advocates and use our voices to make positive change in the children’s mental health system in Ontario.

Youth and adult allies, province-wide, are invited to share their projects and most importantly their passion. There are hands-on skill development sessions woven around conversations that create deep connections and empowering spaces. Youth learn to weave their pasts and their presents into the future of change they would like to see.

The approach at this leadership retreat is to foster learning and dialogue about how youth and adults can work together to create solutions to complex issues. If we want to see things change, we need to learn new ways of facilitating, leading, planning, and working together. We need to focus on building strong relationships that invite real collaboration and dialogue. The participatory nature of the event fosters ownership and responsibility of new ideas and solutions that must be put into action

To learn more about Disable the Label check out the pages below for programs, videos, photos, reflections, poetry, and much, much more!

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