Disable the Label 2015

In July 2015, the New Mentality hosted its annual Disable the Label leadership training camp at YMCA Geneva Park. Youth and Adult Allies from across the province gathered together to learn skills, share their local projects, and build meaningful connections. Since then we have been harvesting all the rich knowledge we gained from the week so that others can share in this amazing experience.

Onsite Program

Resource Package

Jaydon’s Youth Reflection

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What did our youth leaders and adult allies have to say about this year’s DTL!

What I loved most about DTL 2015 (Other then the Unlimited Chocolate Milk) would have to be that I got to see all of the friends that I’ve made in the past and the amount of friendships that I made this year at DTL. This year was really empowering and special for me. As I stated I had a bit of a rough year this past year. But this year was life changing and it made me realized that I am surrounded by so many people who love and care for me and that I don’t need people in my life who are just going to put me down. So honestly this years DTL has made me much more happier and confident with my life, and has encouraged me to do greater things to help my community and the society as a whole.
Meeting so many youth that can speak on the same level as I am. These youth quickly became my friends, and I feel as though they are as close as best friends.
The facilitation was amazing!!! Loved the artistic components that made up the different harvests, and how each facilitator brought his/her own style and expertise to the various sessions.
I enjoyed the people, being [able] to feel like I belonged, the warmth and kindness everyone showed, the sessions taught me a lot. Also the chocolate milk was great!
What didn’t I enjoy about DTL? – AMAZING PEOPLE – AMAZING/BEAUTIFUL LOCATION – BRAVE SPACE – CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!! LOL – EMPOWERING – time for each group to share what they have been doing – time for the adult allys to come together – no talent required show – an inclusive environment building future partnerships, connections, and friendships.

Disable the Label 2015