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Dufferin Child and Family Services, Child & Youth Mental Health

Adult Ally

Shed The Light is a youth-led speaker group that brings awareness to children, youth, and adults about mental health issues, in hopes of reducing the stigma that surrounds Mental Health. Together, with help of Child & Youth Mental Health staff at Dufferin Child & Family Services, our group members share personal stories/experiences of their own mental health challenges, successes and share information and knowledge that enable our audience to recognize symptoms in themselves and others. We primarily target both elementary and secondary school youth, parents, professionals and public venues. We provide hope and inspiration along with local resources re how to access service. We are reducing the stigma. By sharing our personal stories we are able to engage other youth, educate them and provide them with resources where they themselves can find help along with coping strategies. We tout the fact that “they are not alone, mental health issues are very common and nothing to be ashamed of”. We inspire and empower youth and in the process empower ourselves.

Current Projects

We are currently working on a new video to be released in April 2016.

We are continuing presentations in our community.

Looking back at our 2014-2015 group cycle!

Previous Projects

We held 18 school and community presentations!

Robin & Hailey worked with artist (Jim Lorriman) to share their stories and pieces of art were created as a result. The items were auctioned off and raised a substantial amount of money for “Wellies to Wishes” – Check out this video from the event.

STL was also featured in the local “in the Hills” magazine with a fantastic story. For the article click here!

Three group members, Shannon, Marisa and Deanna appeared on the local Rogers Channel with DCAFs Executive Director Jennifer Moore as part of the DCAFS Community Connections” Television Show. They Spoke about mental health and their struggles and successes with it.

We presented at DCAFS annual AGM to share what Shed the Light is, what we do, and why. We had the opportunity to submit a wish for the future into the time capsule… we can’t wait to see how how wish is realized!

For Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week: We presented at the Mental Health Conference in Shelburne to 450 students who really showed excitement and attentiveness during our personal stories. We also presented to 3 elementary schools during the week.

Shed the Light took part as emcees for the “Open Mind Artistry” event hosted by Peace Ranch and sponsored by the Human Service & Justice Coordinating Committee of Dufferin. This exhibition of work was by individuals who have experienced mental health challenges. Our own Sophie provided a piece!

We also participated in the Suicide Awareness Day in September 2014. Shannon spoke about suicide and getting help. She shared a bit of her personal story and took part in our Tree Planting Ceremony.

Shed the Light hosted a information table at “Girls Inc.

We presented at the Peace Ranch AGM. Peace Ranch provides supportive housing and rehabilitative programs to adults who suffer from serious mental health challenges, enabling them to love and work in a community atmosphere.

We participated in the “SAFE TALK” 3 hour training programming on May 27th, 2015. Safe talk is suicide alertness for everyone. As our STL members often have other youth approach them when they are struggling or want to share their feelings, this training was very appropriate. It helped us to understand when a problem is beyond our means and gave us clear directions in how to steer/connect another youth to more formal assistance.