The Stigma Stoppers at Skylark Youth Services




Adult Ally

Fiona Lacey

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416-482-0081 ext. 269

We are a group of youth who want to make a difference. We are passionate about mental health because we’ve been impacted by it or have seen the effect it has had on our friends and family. We are three youth facilitators, and with the help of our adult ally, we meet weekly to take on a project to help Stop Stigma!

We are creating Mental Health First Aid Kits. Similar to how First Aid Kits for physical injuries and ailments are common, we want to break the stigma of mental health by showing how important it is to practice self-care for your mental health, in the same way you would apply a band aid for a cut. We’re filling our Mental Health First Aid Kits with things that are calming and comforting, such as tea, a journal, a colouring book, a CD with breathing exercises, a stress ball and more!