Growing Still: Operation Podcast

May 6, 2018

When Skylark’s 2018 group for The New Mentality began, our initial brainstorms on ideas to spread positive mental health messages kept bringing us back to how negative ideas of mental health get spread.

Mental health is being accepted more and more as we continue to advocate for it. We discussed how it seems visibility in mental health has improved because of initiatives like The New Mentality and #BellLetsTalk. Though while conversations about mental health are happening, the impact can be harmful when they aren’t happening correctly.

We want people to know that mental health is more than just depression and anxiety. We want people to know that when it is depression and anxiety, it isn’t going to look the same as you may have seen in the media. Mental health isn’t something that is seen, it’s something that’s experienced. So we decided to create a resource that contained honest information about youth and mental health: our stories.

Growing Still is a podcast about embracing youth autonomy by giving us our own voice. We interviewed students, community volunteers, friends, and strangers asking for their perspective being a youth and navigating mental health. The focus of season one for Growing Still is on ‘How Adults Can Talk To Youth About Mental Health’

“What I would tell adults is, please never give up on me.” – Anonymous Youth

 These are the words of a Toronto teen we interviewed last month.

The reason why we’re starting with conversation strategies for adults when talking to youth, is because adults have a powerful influence on us. We depend on them more than just financially. We model after their behaviours and catch glimpses of the people we could be in the future. There are many adults in our lives that have been wonderful and educational in supporting each of our mental health journeys, so we aren’t trying say adults can’t talk to youth about mental health. Instead we ask, how will adults know how to talk to youth about mental health if we don’t tell them?

We hear you, and now we’d like you to hear us.

I mean, if you want. No pressure. #selfcare

We’ll be launching the pilot episode of Growing Still at the end of mental health week, but you can catch our preview here:

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