Halton New Mentality

Halton Region


Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK)

Adult Ally

The Halton New Mentality is the longest running New Mentality group. We have been running for 8 years! We are a group of youth and adult allies working together in Halton. We have youth from The New Mentality and POSSE. We have adults from ROCK, Cameron Helps, POSSE, Halton District School Board and Halton Catholic School Board. It sounds like a lot of adults, but there are more youth! For the past few years, the Halton New Mentality has hosted a Mental Health and Wellness conference where representatives from schools throughout Halton attend and learn more about mental wellness strategies. This has helped to reduce stigma surrounding mental health in the community.

Our Projects

This year, our group decided that we wanted to change things up and make the information that we have more accessible. Our group decided to create a podcast called Youth Minds Matter. Youth Minds Matter focuses on reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and helps to create open conversations about the day-to-day stresses and/or events and milestones of youth, as they relate to school, peers, family, etc. The group worked together to create a 3-series podcast with each series focusing on a different conversation about mental health and the youth experience. For example, some of the topics we touched upon were school stress, peer stress, media ideals etc. The podcast episodes have had between 20 and 100 views through our account on YouTube! Check out our podcast on YouTube!

We were really excited about the new direction that the group took in regards to project focus this year. We were able to increase in participants and keep everyone busy with tasks related to the podcast. ALSO, some really cool dynamics came out of the youth interactions where we could see some of the more-experienced youth mentoring the less-experienced youth.