S T I L L | Written and performed by Lighthaüs & Devynne

Please enjoy a 20 minute guided meditation “STILL” |  Written and performed by Lighthaüs & Devynne. Originally performed during Week 3 of Disable the Label 2020     Lighthaüs: still my soul,be still my soulstill my soulstill in safety still my soul,be still my soulstill my soul,cocooned withinthe womb of safety pass, passpass through the nightinto […]

Wind Song (Say the Word)

Written and performed by: lighthaüs & Devynne for Disable the Label 2020  Devynne  Chant (x2)Say the wordSay the wordJust say the word BelovedAngelSweet child of mineCrafted to perfectionApple of my eye Open your heartRelease the burdens of the past (x2)Release the shame, the guilt, the traumaThere is nothingAbsolutely nothing that you could ever doThat could […]

Week One Opening Art Performance

Defences (My Reflection)Written and performed by: Devonna “Devynne” Munroe Why The sun it fallsMy voice comes out so weakWhen I try to speakApprehension…  Did I mentionI’m always hiding Look over my shoulder ‘cause I don’t want you to see my mistakes  Holding on to past shame Protect my prideDe-friend myself Against your wrath I’d rather […]


Erin (she/her) has been working with New Mentality for 3 years, beginning as a general member and has been able to gain more opportunities to advocate for mental health awareness in a leadership role from there. She is a member of the Provincial Youth Advisory Committee which plans and advises on the construction of Youth […]

Disable the Label 2020

Disable the Label is going digital this year! Unfortunately, we had to make some tough decisions for Disable the Label 2020, we have decided to not move forward with an in-person DTL at Geneva Park. However, when Cathy Dyer, the founder of The New Mentality moved on in 2014 she said, no matter what happens […]